July 24,2018

Two Steps to Propel Your Calling

So often we ask the question, am I walking in my purpose? Here are two steps that if you implement in your daily life, you will have a greater understanding of the answer to that question.

One of the most common questions I receive in trainings and workshop is, ?How do I know if I am operating in my calling??

It?s a good question to ask, and just because you ask it doesn?t mean you aren?t operating in your calling. Inquiring of the Lord is common and important. We?ve seen it throughout the Bible with the mighty men and women God used in great ways. I would be more concerned if you weren?t asking the Lord those types of questions!

However, I do know the seasons of transition and changes that leave one?s spirit restless while hearing from the Lord. In those seasons, these two things are the best steps to take to bring rest to your soul:

Step 1: Less Doing, More Being

The first and most important part of understanding and operating in your calling is to be in relationship and constant communion with the Lord. Often times in busy or difficult seasons, our intimacy and time with the Lord can take a backseat. However, what we have been called to do comes out of who we are in Christ. Our personal intimate time with the Lord will fuel and propel our calling.

Another reality is being busy can make us think we are ?okay?, yet we burn out because it wasn?t coming from a place of being rooted in Christ.
Doing, even in Christian ministry, does not always equate with ?calling?. I do believe that in every season we are called to serve, and sometimes that means serving in areas that we may think are not the ?fullness? of our purpose.

Our ?doing? should never take the place out of our ?being?, the intimate, and quietness of our Spirit to hear from the Lord. It is in that place where He will reveal to you whether it?s a season of change or transition. When we take the time to BE in His presence, we can REST knowing that in the right time, He will reveal the next steps.

You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.
Psalm 16:11

Step 2: Overcoming Great Risks, with Great Faith

Many of us would say that we want to follow God?s purpose for our lives, but often the follow-through of obedience is difficult. God desires us to serve Him wholeheartedly, not haphazardly. The difference? Faith!

Recently I felt God nudging me that my mindset needs to change from seeing each difficulty, transition, or big step as a major risk, and start seeing them as opportunities to exercise great faith. Our approach becomes different, our mindset is changed, and we begin speaking things into existence when we see through faith instead of risk.

The reality is that serving God and following after Him is the safest place for us to be. Though it looks like risk when we quit our jobs to start a ministry or sell our belongings to move to another country for ministry, the greater risk is actually ignoring the leading of Holy Spirit.

I know, easy right? Nope. It flows out of step one. The more we pursue God, the more we pursue His purpose.The easier it becomes to step out in faith. I have had to take some incredible leaps, yet each time, I remember the faithfulness of God and it enables me to take this next leap!

You can too! Shift your mind from thinking about risks to thinking about faith. Look at each opportunity to move forward in your purpose as an opportunity for even greater faith in your life and the way you respond to transitions will change.

You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.
Proverbs 19:21


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