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Finding Spiritual Breakthrough:

Are you struggling with walking in the fullness of God?s plans for you? Is there an area in your life that has held you back for too long? Do you feel a roadblock in your life from moving forward? Are you going through a spiritually dry season? At some point, we have all been able to answer “yes” to one of these questions. This powerful teaching leads the audience to discover how we can renew our minds and hearts to produce a spiritual breakthrough in our lives. Overcoming the obstacles that hold us back and walk in the power of Christ to live out our full potential.


Discovering Your God Given Call:

This teaching is relevant to any stage of life especially for youth and young adult gatherings. Emily shares powerful keys to finding and living out your God-given call. She shares personal experiences and biblical scriptures to propel listeners to hear and seek God about their purpose.


Living a Faith-full life:

Emily?s teaching on living a Faith-full life gives three important understandings when it comes to living out our faith. She dives into the meaning of these three steps and compels people to live out a radical, passionate life for Christ!


Overcoming Fear:

Looking into the life of Esther, Emily shares powerful points that go deep into the obstacles we have all faced in our life that has held us back at some point?..fear.? We go on a journey through Esther?s life and discover how we can finally stop allowing fear to hold us back and venture into all that God has for us!


A Call to Holiness:

This teaching is great for youth and young adult audiences as Emily dissects the criticalness of living a holy and pure life especially in the midst of a dark world. ?Emily looks at how we can live morally excellent?lives and impact the world around us.


Building Meaningful Relationships:

We were made for relationships and unity! It?s a part of who we are and God?s plan for us! This practical teaching gives incredible insight on the reason relationships are so important and how we can truly build relationships that matter in life, living out the fullness God has for us and impacting lives for the Kingdom!


True Discipleship:

God gave us a great responsibility…to be Disciples and to make Disciples! God has equipped us with everything we need to be and make disciples. Jesus was our greatest example. Emily shares five practical steps we can take to ensure we are living out the great commission!


Leadership Foundations:

Whether a born leader or desiring to learn leadership skills, we all have the ability to become a great leader! This incredible and interactive training will engage your audience and equip them to be effective leaders in any role. If you are looking to empower your team and leadership, this training will do exactly that!


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