Video 6:?Steadfast Living

With Aimee Chada

Powerful Principles for An overcoming life

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Powerful Principles for An overcoming life

Overcoming Fear's Grip

We have all experienced fear and felt overwhelmed by it, but is fear actually a bad thing? In this video, author, speaker, and pastor, Lorie Hartshorn shares her experience and wisdom on how fear can move us to faith. Learn how to identify when fear might actually be good for us and when we need to kick it to the curb!

Trusting the God of Purpose

You are called and you have been created with a purpose, yet many of us have a hard time believing it. Dr. Sheela found herself doubtful about how God could use her. Today she hosts a television ministry program, Eagle?s Voice, that has a worldwide reach, proclaiming the Gospel. She is also Lead Pastor of Church on the Rock International Ministries. Listen to her story of how she trusted God and His purposes more than she believed her own doubts.

Dealing with Disappointment

What if disappointment didn?t lead us to hopelessness but to hope? Through the eyes of God, it can! When we shift our perspective and posture toward the Lord and not away from Him our disappointment can actually lead us to a greater understanding of what God is doing in our life. As a result, we have a greater hope of what is to come.

Actively Waiting

Have you ever been in a season where you see glimpses of what is to come and yet you are anxiously waiting to see it come to pass? Dealing with waiting can be enough for some of us to throw in the towel and give up. Waiting to get married, waiting for a promotion,? or waiting for a financial breakthrough. Whatever your waiting is, do you know it doesn’t have to leave you discouraged? Karen Heppner, Pastor at The Bridge Church Markham shares how a waiting season doesn?t have to lead to? hopelessness but can be a season of action and anticipation!

Just Do It!

Crystal Lavallee, founder of I AM Compelled has traveled across Canada inspiring young people to make a positive change in this world! She is passionate about what she does and?seeing others pursue their calling! In this video, she encourages us to allow God to lead our lives and take those big steps of faith. The freedom of realizing we just need to do it!

Steadfast Living

Do you live life wholeheartedly? Do you live devoted, determined and enthusiastic? That?s the kind of life we need to live if we are going to move forward in purpose.? As we remain steadfast we have a greater understanding of who we are in Christ. Aimee Chada, founder of She Speaks talks about her journey through forgiveness and healing that brought her to living a wholehearted life (an everyday journey). Now she is empowering other women to do the same through learning how to tell their story!

Finding True Identity

Brenda Drost, pastor and speaker shares her powerful testimony of discovering who she is in Christ and how that propelled her into a life of freedom. She shares about how her seasons of transition brought her closer with God and a greater awareness of her calling and purpose. She lives that journey everyday.

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